Different Auto Locking Carabiners With Their Uses
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 Different Auto Locking Carabiners With Their Uses

 Different Auto Locking Carabiners With Their Uses

  • Petzl auto locking carabiner
  • Black diamond auto locking carabiner
  • Rock exotica pirate carabiner
  • Metolius steel auto lock carabiner
  • Dmm auto lock carabiner
  • Mini twist lock carabiner

What are the benefits of Auto-locking carabiners?

When climbing High hills, or into whitewater kayaking you will need a carabiner that dont open and close itself. If you use a simple wire gate or tree climbing Carabiner for dangerous adventures you may face death. To give it a wide berth,we will provide you with the best recommendation to buy a carabiner, So, your hand earns money and your precious life will be worth it.

If you are not on a hill it will still work for you. Whether, you want to use it for locking cycles, gates,lifting valuable things or large adult dogs, for security, or to rescue someone on hills or under oceans, These tools will be helpful, It’s effortless to tighten it with ropes and boats. An important point is, Carabiners are in different sizes and shapes, and colors, some work at some points where others dont, Some are lifetime supportive, strong but they have less use in our daily life others are handy in our everyday life but are not life supportive, So, let’s have a look on them to choose best for your needs:

Where to use and why choose Petzl Carabiner?

‘When you are climbing in the air, your life is in gear’ said Petzl’s Manager. Every climber knows Petzl has a variety of carabiners in each type. For example, the Auto locking carabiner type has an Oval shape, pear shape, D shape, large hms, and small hms carabiner. These are all for different purposes quite neatly. Let us have a short discussion on all of them.

Shape Types and their uses:

PETZL AM'D Carabiner

D shape fits for attaching things together for example a sling or a bolt because it holds direction better than a wider carabiner. But they have a downside, of course, They are not suitable for belaying as they dont have much space for a belay device. and if you use them they can stuck in the corner.


Oval shapes are perfect if you put a clove hitch at the top and micro traction at the bottom or vice versa. It’s not totally great for belaying because of it’s a narrow space. We dont recommend Petzl pear shaped carabiners because according to the Petzl support team: ”They have tendency to rotate and often become poorly positioned”

Petzl - William, Locking Carabiner for Belaying

Large hms have their own uniqueness as you can stack multiple knots in it. you can load lots of other carabiners into it. And for example, if you are building a trade belay where you want to use a rope to reduce the impact on the anchor, you can use it because of the ample space

So, when buying keep your goal in your mind whether you need to creat create anchor { large hms}, process and rescue devices {oval shape}, to attach things together {D shape carabiner}.

Depth of Black diamond locking carabiner:

Different Auto locking carabiners with their uses

Like Petzl black diamond has its own oneness. For example, a black diamond screw gate carabiner can be used for tree climbing, on the back of a harness, to reach high hills, and use it for grigri, Its downside is people did not find it suitable for gym anchors but another lifesaver.

Use with GRIGRI:

Black diamond warns if we use GRIGRI with it but officially after taking a response from the support team there is no big NO NO for using it because there are no safety issues, It can hold 7kn of force easily, but actually its 2 times stronger than they mentioned.

Rock exotica pirate carabiner:


We pull back its opening gate and twist it to unlock it, as simple as that. We would recommend it if you are setting up a climbing rig or climbing set. It has MDS of 12 kilonewtons at the spine and 7 kilonewtons at the gate side, which is pretty standard. Due to its shape, size, and reliability, it has a 97 percent success ratio among buyers and climbers.

The downside is when you have the bulk of keys or ropes in its downside you can’t open its gate because that bulk side stops its entrance to be pulled down, so we have to swing rope at the top side to open the gate. Key features are:

  • HMS shape
  • Key nose
  • 25 MM opening gate
  • Round frame

Metolius steel auto-lock carabiner:

Steel-Auto-locking -carabiner

It is Bomb proof and best for artificial walls due to its Aluminium material shape. The most unique factor as I said is its strength, This Bombproof has a potency of 40KN. Many people confuse it with a screw gate, but actually, it works both as a screw gate and auto locking. It is made up of silver material that helps dont chew up when climbing high surface

Dmm auto lock carabiner :

Locking carabiner

If you dont want to compromise on quality, go with the DMM auto-lock carabiner. It deals with an area where an accidental opening can be made, You can use it at the chest or the back of your harness, and these also fit for pully devices.

The only drawback is its price, otherwise, you will love how it performs, It is an oval shape with 0.23 KN of weight, double locking ( lift then twist), Recommended for climbing, hiking, etc.

Mini twist lock carabiner :

mini Auto locking ccarabiner

Let’s talk about something great, the Swaton twist lock carabiner which has more than 20,000 reviews on Amazon. It has millions of uses for example It is used as a keychain and keeps two different kinds of keys separate. This means if you have home, bike, and office keys, they will not merge into each other. If you are using annoying keyrings say Goodbye to them! It has a lifetime guarantee that it will never open itself. Want security from a thief? GO for it, It will protect your bags and luggage from them by creating a layer. No serious drawback that we can consider.


As we discussed, every carabiner contains different uses and structures, so you can easily choose one that suits your purpose. All are strong and valuable if you know how to use them. Sometimes you will be amazed to see their uses in daily life. Petzl, Black diamond and companies are a well-known brands in the sense of providing Quality!

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