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  • Top 9 wire gate carabiners from Weakest to strongest

    Here is the list of best carabiners that don’t break Petzl – ANGE L DMM Alpha Trad Carabiner Mammut wall light Carabiner Camp Photon wire gate Carabiner Fusion contigua Wild Country Helium Carabiner Mad rock ultralight carabiner: Singing Rock Colt ...

  • What are 5 load lifting Carabiners and where to use them?

    Carabiners to lift weighty and valuable things Whether you want to load a sofa on a pully, lock large adult dogs, swing, do aerial yoga, punch bags, push cars, tractors, rock, or even rescue someone you will need carabiners that prevents the breaking...

  • ¬†Different Auto Locking Carabiners With Their Uses

    What are the benefits of Auto-locking carabiners? When climbing High hills, or into whitewater kayaking you will need a carabiner that dont open and close itself. If you use a simple wire gate or tree climbing Carabiner for dangerous adventures you may face de...

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