Where to buy and How to use Tree Stand Harness -Complete Guide
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Where to buy and How to use Tree Stand Harness -Complete Guide

Fear? Not If You Use the best But First, How Essential It Is to Climb with Safety Equipment?

According to Organizations Research, people aged 18 to 44 are interested in Climbing.

Tree stand Harness
Construction workers use safety harnesses and safety lines working on a new construction site project.

And mostly ages 20 to 24 die accidentally because of no safety and strong equipment, Of course,

Petzl, black diamond, and other equipment-manufacturing companies will not take responsibility.

They will not take responsibility that why Mountaineering has accounted for 55.4% of the deaths,

rock climbing 30.1%, abseiling 13.3%, and gym-climbing 1.2%. It’s up to us to choose and make every possibility

secure ourselves while climbing. The total of all accidents and injuries will never be known., All this data is not to

scare you but to signal that climbing without safety equipment like Harness, strong ropes, carabiners, and helmet is dorky.

The Mystery Behind Harness

It was invented for climbers because a single rope was not enough!

At an early age, climbers only use a rope to climb and they just tie a rope around their waist. It was a very dangerous practice. A rope is only to hold a person’s weight and that was not enough for safety.

If you are walking on a slope or a mountain you suddenly slip, rope instead of protecting you can also hurt your waist in a large sense.

That picture is a live reason for what was a basic need for inventing a harness. Hence, in the late nineteenth century, a Dutch Climber Jeanne Immink invented the First climbing harness and from there the real story of climbing started.   

In just a few years harness was then one of the most used things in the world for hunters, rock climbers, and for engineers.

Attention: Organization Guidelines

All rock climbing, ice climbing, and hunting equipment whether in Black diamond,pitzl, or any other store are manufactured under the guidelines of UiAA. These guidelines are internationally announced to provide the best safety for hikers and climbers, Moreover, after the menu featuring harnesses, big companies test their product hundred of times to build extraordinary trust in users.

Jet Material and Nylon

You might be happy and shocked to know all climbing or hunting tools like carabiners and harnesses are menu featured with fully secure material. If we talk about carabiners they are made up of the same material as fighter jet planes and Harnesses are made up of nylon.

Tree Stand Pilot Harness
Fighter pilot harness

Ultimate Uses:

In 2022 some climbers and hunters like my Brother Jack still ignore safety harnesses, Just like others he says it creates a barrier between bow and prey. I said him we should give it some thought. After wearing it there is no danger to fall even in the dark.

It is Effective and reliable. Once climbers and hunters wear it will not ignore it next time. My brother is very obedient and chooses to wear it and That results in life-saving for him in many accidents. It does not slip

These harnesses are as stronger as seat belts of vehicles and aeroplanes attached just like one part of the belt with the other,
Interesting thing is, it does not fix you at one seat, by wearing it one can move 360′ to make a shot.
The best way for Hunter or a woodcutter is to attach a harness with a tree stand whenever using.
Another advantage of using a harness is that you don’t need to worry about length, There are rare chances to get it unfit for you.

What is the best strategy for each individual before buying safety gear?

The best strategy is to go to UIAA and read all the information available about gears and their ratings.
Because they provide more authentic and researched information about safety accidents and reasons behind the accident related to Gears.

if you talk about weight All tree stand harnesses bought for climbing, hunting or cutting wood or rescuing someone, will feel l zero weight.

Of course, there will be a large difference if one buys from a general store and the other from a brand like a black diamond.
If we talk about design all the carabiners are the same in design, but not exactly the same, some are round shapes and some are suit or jacket shaped.

Generally, there are two types of Harness

1} full body harness
2} Round shape harness
These both are tools and it’s up to us how to use the tool.

Sit harness or Round shape Harness:

Round shape harnesses or sits harnesses are connected to rope-like in old times. But there is nothing bad about it. These harnesses are like belts on hips that make one feel fully secure and safe.
It shape protects you from additional pain in your back. One end of the rope is attached with a strong edge and the end is passed through lopes of harness and then knotted strongly. So if unfortunately, a climber slips the harness will cover his body from all around without any pain.

Chest Harness

Example of Strong Harness

A chest harness is another level of providing relaxation to a climber. As we can see below it has a completely different structure from sit harness, but the goals are the same. It keeps your chest like the centre of the circle which feels amazing.
We only prefer to choose this type as a tree stand harness. Hence while climbing a tree the rope is passed around the tree and another end of the rope is firmly attached with a harness, and then with the help of a tree stand we easily climb.

A common question arose about which one to use for hunting and for climbing. Well, its answer lies in simple words.
In most scenarios, a climber with a round shape harness can easily deal to climb trees for hunting deer etc and vice versa.
But if one wants to look more professional we prefer to use a full-body harness for hunting and a round shape for climbing.

One important factor you can’t miss:

You might be thinking is everything in dependent while choosing a harness? Yeah, It will be dependency, as the best choice comes after narrowing things. The good thing is every harness we recommend is 100% safe.
So choose wisely and stay safe.

Let us know What the best climbing tree stand harness is for hunting and youth adventure!

Best hunter harness :

Here is the list of Best Hunting harnesses with uses and Ratings:

Top Pick

Name size weight rating Use Price Buy Here
System X-1 Bow-Hunter Harness for Tree-Stand Hunting Small, Medium, and large 2.00 pounds weight. But also have another site. 4500 on Amazon Versatile for any season, wear on lightweight, hunter 69$ Buy on Amazon

Reviews of Hunter Harness and our experience:

Summit Tree stands Men’s Pro Safety Harness Review:

According to the manufacturer, Summit tree stands harnesses are perfect for full body harnesses and can handle more than 136 kilograms, So enjoy big man! Want more? It has a padded belt to provide extra comfort to the shoulder. Last but not least, This nylon-made harness has the endless option to attach ropes, rifles, carabiners, etc.

How do I look?

First of all, we Have big Thanks to Amazon for such fast customer service, and Quality Products.

To test, We bought the large-size tree stand harness because our weight was near about 130LB, Never mind:) It was professionally packed in Square shape box and Looked exactly how we expected. As everyone does, Before using it we checked its buckles, weight, and Ropes to see if they fit into, it so we could return but Everything was Great.

Safety above All!

Compromise on safety? Never! Hunters and Climbers know our whole adventure depends on it, So, what happened next? Its Large fits me comfortably and honestly, I feel safer than ever before. As presented in the table, It is made of Nylon and was strong. After climbing and testing in different ways we found that there were no plastic clips that could break, All the clips are made of metals that are very easy to open and close, Which indicates we are on the right way! Moreover, it is applicable in all seasons.

Treestands Harness
Best Hunter Harness and used


Flexibility is measured when we stretch and climb higher than other harnesses. I and my Friend climbed a 30 to 60 feet long tree for hunting from some height, On the other hand, we were also noticing the Behavior of harnesses with us. I am a big man and I wear 46 pairs of pants, even though this condition this harness fits me, there is a downside that is heavier than the previous harness I used, but it has a superior design and flexibility!

Cone: It is a bit heavier than many other harnesses

How to use and attach the summit Hunter harness to the tree?

  • First, Take a line man’s rope for attaching the Harness to the tree
  • The rope should have a loop on one end and Prusik Knot with a carabiner on the other.
  • Put one side loop rope around the tree and pass the carabiner from the inside loop
  • Cinch up it to the tree
  • Take the carabiner attached to the loop, and simply hook it to the loop attached to the safety harness strap
  • And Now because we have a Prusik Knot with a carabiner, We can adjust it as needed.
  • And now you have a perfect way of attaching harnesses to the tree, Enjoy!

Muddy Safety Tree stand Harness and Review

According to the manufacturer, Muddy is a gift for hunters Because of its price, weight, and durability. They assure wearing its padded straps around the shoulder and waist will not cause tiredness in the body the whole day long. It weighs 1.5 lbs and is strong. This is what the manufacturer promised, but we want you to read or practical Example if it really works How was it promised?

Muddy Safety Tree stand Harness Review:

Strength Rate Structure and Uses:

My Friend jack who is 70 and weighs 280lbs bought this Harness for the first time to show you how It works in reality. It was going to be a great adventure, he hunted deer for 19 years but never from a tree. So, we wear it and it was comfortable for us, No bad experience we noticed while fitting it for a big man. It has an adjustable chest strap and Thick shoulder strap, you will also notice a thick strap under the neck,

So, if you are going to wait for a deer the whole day you might need to lean up against a tree, hence It would be very helpful and you will definitely not get sore in your back. There will be a suspension relief strap at back, Of course, if you actually fall out of the tree, this will be helpful if you carry a lineman’s rope connected with it.

Muddy Harness

It has buckles around the belt, which feels very nice and quiet. The muddy harness comes with a tree strap. We put this around the tree and you can lock it Simply with a harness. So, we this way we can make the perfect combination of harness, and strap


  • It does not fit everybody.

Best hunter Tree stands Safety harness:

Hunting for tree stand harnesses ends here. Of course, these are in many different sizes and shapes and are divided into Genders but don’t worry we will make it easy for you! It is strong, durable, Qualitative, and Pocket-friendly for more than 4000 hunters. Experts said one hundred one percent Accurate data about it. That’s why they are giving 5 years warranty to their users.

Best treestand harness for bow hunting Review :

Want to know How much power full it is? Read this Review on Amazon. It’s a lifesaver! The best thing is it’s for everyone, It has a slim-lined structure from the front that fits into the chest. No wide chest structure! Buckles are made of metals,

Two buckles at each leg and one under the chest helped a lot, You might think the front belt must be on the chest, but that’s not good because a belt in the chest can put pressure on the neck when you fall down so it is better to keep the front belt under your chest.

One thing we noticed if you don’t look at the size before buying it the results will not be the same. Like for example, I m 6-3 in height and 190 pounds in weight, and another guy is 4 and 190 Pounds. So this will be very different if they buy the opposite size of Harness. Every place that can be sown in double or triple-sewn, Weight rating is 300 plus LB It is really Great

Dear hunted Harness
Deer Hunting Tree stand Harness

We hunted dear and all credit goes to this harness, once adjusted its size you will love it. For Men, women and youth this safety harness is for everyone.


  • Cheap price
  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Long-lasting support

Cone :

  • There is no Cone if you choose wisely.


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