Top 9 wire gate carabiners from Weakest to strongest
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Top 9 wire gate carabiners from Weakest to strongest

Top 9 wire gate carabiners from Weakest to strongest

Here is the list of best carabiners that don’t break

  • Petzl – ANGE L
  • DMM Alpha Trad Carabiner
  • Mammut wall light Carabiner
  • Camp Photon wire gate Carabiner
  • Fusion contigua
  • Wild Country Helium Carabiner
  • Mad rock ultralight carabiner:
  • Singing Rock Colt
  • Singing Rock Colt
  • Trango wire gate Carabiner
  • Black diamond
  • Cypher Ceres II

What are wire gates carabiners?

These are common Carabiners you will see climbers using with and without harnesses, Their gate is a spring/wire and dont have extra Parts for sand and snow to get caught. And obviously, they dont do a thing called deep flutter. They have ratings from weakest 20 to strongest 26 kilonewtons. These carabiners can be used for rock climbing, picking up heavy things, or camping but if you are looking for tree-climbing carabiners you can read this post to save your time.

So, let’s start breaking them:)

Note: We are not sponsored by any brand and we think being independent really helps to add value to any research.

Before we get started, MBS’s minimum breaking strength, is the worst result you can probably get in 99.9% percent of a scenario. It means you will not get exceptional breaking results before what they have promised on their product in the meaning of lifting strength

Lets start with Petzl – ANGE L:

Petzl wire gate carabiner is one of the favorite carabiners of many climbers. According to Petzl, these carabiners have a minimum breaking strength of 22 kilonewtons, It has a simple structure of opening and closing, which is their uniqueness. If you are in alpine conditions or want more strength it will help you when climbing. if you want to pull anything or need a carabiner to pick something, go with it!

Strength & Features:

  • It avoids accidentally snagging your carabiner on your gear
  • 0.1 Pounds weight
  • Easy to open and close with one hand
  • More lifetime support than a traditional wire gate
  • Auto locking feature

Cone :

  • It will break after 20.1 Kn
Petzl - ANGE L, Light Carabiner for Climbing

DMM Alpha Trad Carabiner

Want something different in wire gates? Then we can talk about the DMM Alpha Trad carabiner, but before you buy it let’s know if it really works for you or not. It has a low-profile keylock nose and is pretty simple to use. We can personally feel its strength and lightweight while using it. Its structure we can is an Ergonomic shape.

Features and Cons.

  • Weight: 24 grams
  • Opening rating of 24 KN
  • Its structure is good in that it comfortably and naturally comes in the hand
  • Corrosion-free


  • MBS 24 KN
DMM Alpha Trad Carabiner

Mammut wall light Carabiner:

It’s extremely lightweight and every time I go climbing, people around me give lots of compliments:). I and Many climbers use it with Workhorse Quickdraws which makes it more powerful and easy to use.

Features and Pros

  • Weight: 28 g
  • Breaking Load: 21 kN/8 kN/7 kN
  • Can use it in Snow and warm Places
  • Non-corrosion

Mammut Sender Wire Carabiner

ONE exceptional feature :

Its MBS is 20 KN and our test shows it Could handle 22.06 KN

Camp Photon wire gate Carabiner:

My favorite in sense of design but you will be disappointed to read it just broke in 11.98KN. However, Its minimum breaking strength is 22KN. Sad but true. But dont worry it’s still the lightest weight and full-size carabiner in the world. They keep redesigning to use it easily and safely to give the protection that a climber deserves!


  • Available in six different colors
  • increases rigidity and strength without increasing weight
  • Its weight is 0.55 Pounds only


  • The strength we measured is less than what they mentioned
Camp Photon wire gate Carabiner:

Fusion contigua :

Boom! Stronger than mentioned, Its minimum breaking strength is 23 KN as mentioned but while researching and after an experiment we concluded it bared 24.34 KN of force Stretching it from one side.


  • D shaped with a 30-gram weight
  • Great for women and youth climbers
  • Perfect for alpine, big wall, and trad routes
  • Strong
Fusion Climb Contigua Wire Gate Modified D Shape Carabiner Blue

Wild Country Helium Carabiner:

Nor last nor least, the wild country climbing company gives more than they announce about their product. In the case of the helium carabiner, they did the same, promised strength was 24 KN and after the test …guess what? We got strength of 25.75 KN, Now that’s what I love. It’s a perfect choice for rock climbers because of its weight and versatility. Whether you need a carabiner for slinging, an alpine draw, or racking your favorite cam, it is useful for most types of climbing scenarios.


  • Weight 38 grams.
  • Easy for clipping and unclipping ropes
  • The wide gate and hook-free nose


Wild Country Helium 3.0 Carabiner
  • Bit expensive

Mad rock ultralight carabiner:

From shoes to climbing carabiners mad rock is considered one of the trustable companies in the world of climbing, hiking, and camping. And you will be excited to know what happens after experiments and tests on its ultralight Carabiners. The mentioned strength rating is 25 KN and the interesting thing is we got 24 .1KN strength which is acceptable! because they also give a limited lifetime warranty. So, can we trust you to buy it? Yes!

Features and uses:

  • Length: 95 mm
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • Lightweight
  • Recommended for climbing, hanging chains, keys, ropes, and camping
Mad rock ultralight carabiner

Singing Rock Colt :

These carabiners are mostly used for rescue, police, and the army. Shocked? Yes, it is true! From here we can understand how good they are in their market. Their results match their arguments,

Features, Pros, and cons: This rock colt can handle a strength of 26 KN and its weight is 48 Kilograms. We can use it for climbing and hiking purpose. The price is higher than other cheap carabiners. Easy to handle even when we are hanging.

Singing Rock Colt Wire Straight

Trango wire gate Carabiner sounds strong and they are!:

Believe us or not but it is proved that the Trango carabiner is one of the perfect carabiners with a rating strength of 24 KN. You might ask what’s the difference? The difference is these carabiners are tested more than 6 times at their mentioned rating and on the seventh time they stretched a lot and it was broken at 24.28 KN. You can guess it can be used from anywhere to everywhere.

Features and pros :

  • Material Aluminum
  • D Shaped
  • Cheap, strong, and lightweight
  • Easy to use obviously

TRANGO Phase Carabiner, Black, 23203-500

Now top two Carabiners are remaining

  1. Black diamond lite wire
  2. Cypher Ceres II

let’s Talk about Black diamond lite first: 

How much strength will you expect from this aluminum-based material with wire? Never disappointing, After 10-time experiments on this carabiner with promised strength of 24 KN breaks at 27.73 KN. But still not stronger than Cypher Ceres.

Features, pros, and cons: No need to repeat, they are the best and have their own unique strength that makes a wide difference from other Carabiners

Black Diamond Equipment Hotwire Carabiner for Rock Climbing

TOP Pick

Cypher Ceres II:

Why top pick? Because it is broken in 31.48 KN bit their MBS is Just 24KN. One of the most awesome carabiners with amazing results I have ever used, Its structure seems the same as the other boring aluminum but we found it best and Clear to use for many reasons.


All these carabiners are fantastic because one needs more than just strength and support. We have shown you different carabiners to give you the best choice for your specific use. All align the force along their spine{strongest axis of carabiner} when you will load rope or anything clipped to it

They all are certified and they all are stronger than you think. Every brand explores different kinds of carabiners depending upon the use people need.

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